WU cosplay organization brings imagination to campus

Matthew L. Self , Review Editor in Chief

For some, costume preparation for Halloween is not a big priority, but for those who partake in the activity known as cosplay, it is a time to show off their costume making skills. Cosplayers may take up the guise of a favored character from pop culture or something completely original. There is virtually no limit to the creativity involved because the imagination of the participants is the only roadblock.

At Washburn, a new organization has come to campus that focuses primarily on cosplay and the activities associated with it. The group members are unique individuals with the skills necessary to make extravagant costumes that capture the attention of passersby with the products of their creative minds.

For those unfamiliar with cosplay, it is defined as the practice of dressing up as a character from a movie, book or video game. Activities associated with cosplay include sewing, knitting, photography, makeup and outfit creation.

“Cosplay lets out our energy and lets us pretend to be something we’re not,” said Sabrina Parmakian, a freshman anthropology major and treasurer of the organization. “It provides us with a lot of entertainment and gives us something fun to work on.”

Currently, the WU Cosplay organization is looking for more members as it gets off the ground. The organization is also on the lookout for an advisor from among the teachers on campus to finalize their place at Washburn.

“It’s an organization where people who like cosplay or who are interested in fashion design can create model and design various costumes,” said Elaine Garcia, a freshman computer science major and president of the organization. “Everyone in our club would have a part to play. There will be people who will draw the costumes and people who will model them in photoshoots.”

The WU cosplay organization is a great way for creative people to come together and craft and display ambitious costume designs. The organization hopes to design costumes for holidays such as Halloween, as well as for other events such as Naka-Kon, which is an anime convention in Overland Park.  

Those who are interested in joining the organization can contact Elaine at [email protected] for more information.

Edited by Brianna Smith, Adam White, Jason Morrison, Jessica Galvin