Sedlec Ossuary

I interviewed Connor Morton a member of the local Topeka band, Sedlec Ossuary, to find out more information on the band.


“The name of our band is Sedlec Ossuary. It’s kind of a hard to remember name, the reason we chose it is because it’s named after a church made out of bones in Czech Republic so it’s kind of dark and eerie or whatever.”


“Our Genre it’s hard to say. I mean it’s just metal. Not to get too particular but maybe like Metal Core, Death Core, Progressive.”


The members of the band


“Hunter Hallman is our guitarist, we have two what’s called dual lead guitars, Juan is the other Guitarist. My name is Connor Morton I’m the bassist, Brooke Arnold is our drummer and Mike is our singer.


The ultimate direction for the band


“For the band we just want to make really good music, we want to play with big bands. We’re not really seeking fame or fortune.”


“Yeah we have some upcoming shows, our next show is with Born of Osiris, Oceano, Hester Prynne, and a couple other bands at the Jackpot Saloon.”


Morton’s advice for people who want to form their own bands


“Find committed people, people who are dedicated [who] really just love music and have a passion for it without that, the band’s not going to go anywhere. I’ve been in a lot of bands, ya know people drop out, people get lazy and that’s the main thing that holds them back.”


Their upcoming shows


“The fourteenth of April in Topeka at the Boobie Trap with Within the Ruins and Hester Prynne.”


For more information on Sedlec Ossuary check out their MySpace, which is


This is Kasim Hardaway for the Washburn Review