YouTube Pick of the Week: Drunk fight flip-flops

Most everyone has been this guy at some point in their college career. We all might not want to admit it, but its true.

The video that I picked is called Funny Drunk Guy Vs Sandals Coachella.

This guy is a mess, something so simple and he is failing so much. This guy spends about two minutes trying to put his flip-flops on. Flip-flops are meant to be an easy shoe to put on. He just can’t do it.

At one point within the video he has to sit down or maybe he fell. Anyway, from where he is sitting he can’t reach. Struggling so much and reaching so far, finally someone comes by and knocks the flip-flop closer to him.

Sad part is when he gets up he knocks off his flip-flop and he has to do it all over again.

After struggling for a while longer. He does finally get both flip-flops on and his feet. Then the crowd watching his struggle busts into a round of applause for his accomplishments. He throws them a quick double thumbs up and stumbles off.

I feel there is a life lesson to be learned here. That is, if you’re going to get hammered drunk you should choose to wear shoes. Til’ next week, stay classy, Washburn.