Erin Davies presents Fagbug


On April 8th creator of Fagbug, Erin Davies, returned to Washburn University to present her upcoming film about her trans-American road trip to raise awareness of gay rights. She explained how the notorious Fagbug design was created, which is of Davies holding a small rainbow-colored toy bug in between her fingers.
“I took a picture of my car, a picture of me holding this gray bug and it took a lot of hours of photo shop to make it look like it was me holding my car.”
 – Erin Davies
Davies has a lot of plans for the future of Fagbug and her movement.
“Fagbug Museum, so I am kind of working on that, looking for buildings, an eventual place to store my car. A lot of people left notes on my car so say in five years when I get like 400 notes, the museum will have all of these notes, a whole wall of notes; it will have an educational component.”
 – Erin Davies
Davies also plans on reaching a new younger audience using the Fagbug through educational materials.
“I am working on a children’s book for Fagbug, it is going to be called The Rainbow Bug, a lot of kids see my car, and love the punch buggie and love the colors on it and talk to their parents about. They don’t see that it says Fagbug on it, ya know? That is not what draws them in. So The Rainbow Bug, I think it is a good title, and a way for parents to be able to explain the meaning of my car.”
 – Erin Davies
With that said, she also wants to create an actual Fagbug toy car as well as other merchandise for he upcoming film.
“Making like a toy Fagbug and different merchandise, ya know? Tools for the film.”
 – Erin Davies
Davies is also excited, for her film, which will be coming out soon.
“It will officially be available on Netflix, Blockbuster, Bestbuy, Barnes and Noble, ITunes, and all of that. So it is pretty exciting.”
 – Erin Davies
For more information Davies suggests:
“They can just go to, there is a music video, slideshow, and trailer on there.”
This is Kasim Hardaway for the Washburn Review.