Kennedy Center hosts Washburn music concert

Washburn’s Wind Ensemble and Jazz Band left for Washington D.C. April 27 for a special performance at the Kennedy Center on April 28

“We will be having our world premiere of a song written for Senator Bob Dole titled ‘Ichabod Fanfare,’ which will be dedicated to him at the Kennedy Center performance,” said Mark Norman, Washburn’s director of bands.

“Ichabod Fanfare” was written and conducted by Brian Balmages a Baltimore area resident. “Ichabod Fanfare” features 300 elements, and proudly includes Washburn’s alma mater statement. Senator Bob Dole is a veteran of the United States Armed Forces and an alumnus of Washburn University. Dole may attend the performance.

“This is the Ensemble’s first performance at the Kennedy Center,” said Norman.

“Ichabod Fanfare” was first performed April 23, during the second half of the Wind Ensemble concert at White Concert Hall.

Joining the Wind Ensemble on the D.C. trip is the Washburn Jazz Band, directed by Craig Treinen.

“We share so many members,” said Norman.

The highlight of the trip is playing at the Kennedy Center, inside the Terrace Theatre. The Jazz Band performance will feature a special guest artist, trumpet player Grant Breedlove, who is a member of the Army Blues, a premier jazz ensemble for the United States Army. Breedlove will get the opportunity to work with the jazz ensemble and will also be conducting during its performance. Another special guest conducting for Kansas, will be Capt. Sharon L. Toulouse, who plays for the United States Army Field Band. Ann Marie Snook will be singing with the Wind Ensemble as well.

The Wind Ensemble and Jazz Band will also perform at Towson University outside of Baltimore, Md., and various places around the Washington D.C. area at local high schools. There will also be master classes with the United States Navy Band and Army Field Band for Washburn students.

This is the wind ensemble’s first trip to Washington D.C., and all of the participants will return May 1.