YouTube Pick of the Week: Live Avatar Role Playing

Matt Wilper

LARP (Live Action Role Playing), in this video is called Live Avatar Role Playing, and yes, James Cameron is crying right now.

In this video a group of people have made their own Pandora it being located in Wisconsin. These people get together on the weekends or who knows if they have jobs so they just might do it all the time. They create their own little world of Avatar.

There is one lady in this video that has a southern accent. I didn’t watch the movie but am guessing none of the Na’vi people have southern accent. Its also amusing to just hear her speak with blue pants on.

One guy in this video goes far enough to consider that Avatar is a religion. He didn’t believe in God till Avatar. Does this make James Cameron Jesus? He didn’t buy into the bible that has been around for many years but he does believe in a movie that came out last year.

This other dude is talking like it is a transgender thing. How through Avatar he’s found his true self and just like a transgender he going to start dressing the way he feels.

LARP as in Live Action Role Play in my opinion is fine. It gets people outside breath in some good outdoor air put a little sun on the pasty skin. But these folks are just weird. One dude has sex with a flower at the end.

Watch this video and get a laugh out of someone else weird. Till next time, stay classy, Washburn and don’t become like these people.