Random Weekend Musings

Rob Burkett

Big 12 and College Football

When people told me a month or two ago that the Big 12 would be no more as a conference that I have grown accustomed to, I would have said they were crazy.

Unfortunately I would be wrong. At this point who did or didn’t do enough to save the conference is not the point. The point now is what does this mean for college football?

My personal opinion is that this is the first real chance at a true playoff series since the BCS came about. With the PAC 11/12/16 and the Big Televen/Twelve/Fourteen comes a few more dominoes to fall.

In short order the SEC will begin poaching more than likely from the ACC and the ACC will in turn poach from the Big East. Not to mention the emergence of a power conference more than likely in the Mountain West Conference which will now have enough teams to field its own conference championship and thus earn itself a seat at the BCS tournament table.

With the elmination of the Big 12 and more than likely the Big East losing enough teams where they no longer field enough teams to get a championship game, we find ourselves in a period where we no longer could have a disputed national title winner.

At the end of the day, with all these power conferences established, one can envision a sport where conference championship winners don’t go to bowls anymore. The winner of the season now gets a berth in the tourney.

This will change the college football landscape forever no matter how it plays out. Regardless though thats how I see things potentially playing out.

NBA Finals

I won’t go to much into what is going on in the final series of the year for the NBA. I will simply say go Celtics and here’s hoping for a sweet finish to another season for the boys from Beantown.

If the Celtics pull this off, it might be the best upset in this classic rivalry since the 1980’s Showtime Lakers vs. Bird and Co. locked horns so many times during the decade.

It’s been an interesting series and I expect it to go the distance.

World Cup

I want to take this time to thank ESPN. I want to thank them for the whipping to death of an event that, while I never got that excited about, I could at least appreciate.

With the helping hand of U2’s Bono and their unending promotion machine, I am to the point where I want it to be over with already and it just started today!

I, like the majority of Americans that I know, don’t care about soccer and wish that Bono would just shut up for once regardless of topic.

Finally let me close on this subject with saying, I hope the U.S. wins one at least this year. I may not care for soccer but I still root for my national teams.