Comedian/magician spreads the word about importance of laughter

Bryce Grammar

Returning and new Washburn students filled the seats of the Georgia Neese Gray Theatre on August 20 to see comedian/magician Tim Gabrielson. The event was co-sponsored by the Memorial Union and Greek Council, as a part of Washburn’s Welcome Week.

Gabrielson wowed over 200 Washburn students with his unique blend of comedic magic and taught them his personal motto “Keep it funny”.

Gabrielson’s show stresses the importance of laughter in everyday life. He believes that people should use the mildly frustrating moments in everyday life as an opportunity to laugh.

“It has been proven scientifically that people who laugh more often, live longer than those who don’t,” said Gabrielson.

Gabrielson is a native of Minnesota. This is where he started developing his act while performing for guests of the amusement park where he worked as a teenager. He eventually became a park favorite and was picked up by a local agency.

He does about 200 shows per year, and has taken his act across the country to everything from corporate gatherings to colleges. Tim has even been the star of his own show on the Las Vegas strip at the House of Blues at the Mandalay Bay Casino.

In addition to his stage show Gabrielson has also written a book titled “Lemons to Laughter”. In his book, Gabrielson offers tips on how to make unpleasant situations something to laugh about, providing more ways to “keep it funny.”