Ichabods clash against the Griffons

Jacob Weaver

Saturday Oct. 5, the Washburn Ichabods faced off against Missouri Western State University’s Griffons. Perfect for a home game, the sunny, breezy day was partly cloudy, and had a temperature of 72 degrees.

In the first quarter of the game, the pressure was on the Ichabods when Missouri’s wide receiver caught a 28 yard pass. The kicker landed the extra point to start the game in their favor 0-7. The Ichabod’s fumbled the ball and the Griffons took control. Halfway through the first quarter, Missouri Western scored off of a 27 yard run and an extra point, which made the score 0-14. Washburn’s Zach Willis scored off of a two yard run which put the Ichabod’s at 7-14. To close off the first quarter, the Griffons made a nine yard run into the end-zone to make the score 7-21.

The second quarter started quickly when the Griffons made an eight yard run to the end-zone and a two point conversion, which put them at 7-29 with 13:46 left in the second quarter. Missouri West intercepted the ball at the 50 yard line. Then they made a two yard run to the end-zone. This put the Bods in a tough position of 7-36. Less than a minute later, the score became 14-36 when Washburn’s Jace William caught a 27 yard pass from Chaz Capps.

The Griffons were the only ones to score in the third quarter. They had a three yard pass into the end-zone to make the score 14-43. The Washburn Ichabods were the first to score in the fourth quarter from a 50 yard pass to Austen Hubert. In the final quarter of the game, Washburn’s defense stopped the Griffons from advancing by forcing them to punt and shoot a field goal. The game ended with a score of 21-46 in Missouri State Western University’s favor.

Washburn’s Austen Hubert is a senior wide receiver majoring in management and marketing. He scored after catching a 50 yard pass, but felt that his performance could have been better if not for his condition.

“I think I played as best I could. I got a hurt ankle right now so, I just try to play through it, and just doing anything I can to help my team win,” said Hubert.

Hubert accepts their loss against the Griffons and is ready to work hard in the coming weeks to prepare for the next game.

“[It’s a] real tough loss, we’re sitting at 1-4 right now, you know no one wants that, so we’ll just have to bounce back and learn from all of our mistakes today and just continue to fight,” said Hubert.

Junior running back, Zach Willis, graphic design major, scored the first touch down of the game. Willis hopes the team’s performance will be better for their next game against Northeastern State University.

“This team is a lot better than what we put out there…everyone’s just got to focus on getting their individual job done. And, we’re just one person away from doing big things,” said Willis.

The Bods will play the Northeastern State University RiverHawks Saturday, Oct. 12 in Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

Edited by Jason Morrison, Adam White, Jackson Woods