Mabee transitions to modern design

Mabee library has gotten a facelift.

Mabee has recently updated constantly from smart boards, to a revamped computer classroom and new Macintosh computers.

The library is where most students at Washburn University, come to study, find books and just relax. It also serves as a  resource for projects, papers and to meet last minute deadlines. Mabee and its staff worked to help students be at their most productive.

Making sure student comments help make the library more accomodating and user- friendly has become the job of Alan Bearman, Dean of University Libraries.

“The library has changed a lot in the two and half years I have been here,” said Bearman. “We have added MacBooks and Mac Islands to blow up the electronic library, and made it into a 21st-century library.”

With all the renovations, Bearman still continues to look towards to the future.

“The more we can do to help the students the better. The library will be experiencing more renovations to come, with a coffee shop soon,” said Bearman. “Each day students tell me they could use a cup of coffee.”

The library is trying its best to listen to students and provide what they want to see in the library.

With the technology that is coming out, students like to be able to access assignments, Internet and help more quickly. Senior Tameka Willis, a student employee at Mabee Library is only one of the many who agree.

“The students seemed to love the changes happening in the library,” said Willis. “Most students that utilize the smart boards range from students studying a foreign language, to nursing or math students.”

Peggy Atkins, junior and Amanda Acuna, freshman, both like how easy the smart boards make math seem and appreciate the new lounge chairs.

 “My mom just told me that smart boards were at the public library and now here at Washburn, so I came to try them out. I really like the smart boards. It makes assignments more understandable,” said Acuna.