Burger Stand will give students a spot to grub close to campus

April Ewing

Students looking for a scenic walk will enjoy the view coming to College Hill. Recently, restaurateurs Robert and Molly Krause along with their business partners, Simon and Codi Bates announced that they are intending to open a second location of their diner The Burger Stand at College Hill.

The Burger Stand offers students specialty and gourmet burgers in the medium price range. The VegGuide.Org offers an outstanding review, remarking on The Burger Stand’s multiple different Veggie friendly items and rates it at 4.2 out of 5 stars.

Since it’s opening almost two years ago, only one business has opened in the College Hill Redevelopment Districts retail space. Submarina sandwich shop opened in January 2009 and closed about a year later citing that the business location didn’t do as promised.

The Krauses’ are very interested in developing the area. Spending more than eight months soliciting other businesses to get involved in the project, he cites the success of the business including other reasons to visit the area. Students are interested in the possibilities of the use of the retail space in College Hill.

“It sounds like a fantastic idea!” said incoming Jennifer Anspuch, sophomore Social Work major. “I would love to have a place to get coffee and to shop in the area.”

The Burger Stand offers students a slew of delightful specialty burgers, including their famous Romesco Lentil Burger, Falafel Burger and Asian Tofu Burger.

Along with The Burger Stand, nine other businesses are intending to locate to the area. Undisclosed negotiations for a coffee shop, a furniture store, bakery, wine and bar shop and a lighting showroom are all committed to moving in the area.  Some students have a mixed reaction to the prospect of businesses in the area.

The College Hill district lies just northeast of Washburn University.  It offers over 24,000 feet of retail space along with 183 apartments and 25 townhomes. Students will continue to watch Washburn grow through College Hill, and can eat while they’re at it.

“No one should have to pay more than $5 for lunch,” said Ashley Hartnett, senior communications major. “A lot of students would drive two blocks to go to Subway for a $5 foot long. If they keep the prices reasonable, sure I’ll go. What I would really like to see is a boutique in the area, or a consignment shop. Students buy clothes, and it would be great to have a shop where we can sell them back or get more without going to Wanamaker.”