VIDEO: WU celebrates traditions

Traditions Night is a way for new students to connect with the traditions of classes past.

This year’s Traditions Night was planned for Yager Stadium, but mother nature had other plans and the event was moved into Lee Arena.

Cheering fans can encourage an athlete to a win, and Traditions Night invites fans to be a part of the sporting-event experience to support their fellow students.

Mike Wilhoite, a senior linebacker, spoke at Traditions Night to pump up the student body and to get them revved up about their next home game. Wilhoite expressed the importance of Traditions Night.

“Getting the student body together with the athletes to work toward a common cause: Winning. That’s what Traditions Night is all about,” said Wilhoite.

Approximately 700 to 800 students attended the Traditions Night festivities.

Caley Onek, president of the Washburn Student Government Association, played a huge role in organizing the event. The goal was to show the student body what Washburn spirit means while letting the student body get to know the student-athletes on a more personal level. This years event was basically all about sports and some about the Bod Squad but in future years there may be much more incorporated in the event.

“If Traditions Night was about other activities like clubs, organizations, fraternities, and sorority I think it could be an even bigger success and bring the student body together even more,” said Wilhoite.

Wilhoite said that he would want more students to know about Traditions Night and the good atmosphere for new and returning students it provides. It aimed to bring students from all walks of life across campus together to support the Washburn spirit.

“This year was more of a pep rally where we could encourage students to come by offering free shirts and pizza while also energizing the student body for the athletics,” said Onek. “Come out and support out sports teams, we have amazing athletes.”