Adam’s answer to being new at Washburn

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Adam Hirsh

Dear Adam,

I am new to Washburn and the school seems nice, but I just can’t seem to make any friends.  I just moved to town and don’t know anybody.

What am I doing wrong?


Needing a group

Dear Groupie,

It is hard to meet friends in a new town.  I have found that the best thing to do is just follow this acronym.  WWGD?  (What would GAGA do?)

No, you don’t have to start coming to class dressed in a shower curtain or have a full dancing crew with you at all times.

But I would suggest seeking out people with personality.  There are a lot of great people here on campus and if it’s personality that you are looking for you can always hangout with the Gays (The Open Club) or the Vegan’s.  We love everybody and we’re full of personality!

If that doesn’t work you can look into going Greek.  There are a lot of cool people in the Fraternity’s and Sorority’s here on campus and even if you just go to the mixer’s you are sure to meet people.

I would definitely suggest moving on campus if that is an option.  I met my best friends living in The Village and there are a lot of cool people and activitys if you live in the LLC.

Your best bet is to get involved.