KTWU begins pledge drive

KTWU, Topeka’s local public television station, starts their fund raising pledge drive this week for and will run through this weekend.

Kevin Goodman director of marking and promotions for KTWU said this pledge drive offers something special with the appearance of Red Green, a popular comedian that “has quite a following in this area.”

The Red Green Show is a successful Canadian television comedy that has aired on PBS stations in the United States.  Red Green (Steve Smith) plays a handyman on the show.  He has appeared in Kansas City and plans to appear in Wichita.  On Sunday, Red Green made an appearance in Topeka.

“Green helped kick off the whole membership drive,” said Goodman.

No goal has been set for the pledge drive in regards to fund raising.  The pledge drive is more than just about raising money, it’s about increasing membership or “partners’ as KTWU calls them.

Partners are individuals that make contributions to KTWU which helps to make public television possible.  KTWU is looking for people to join and be partners, hoping to increase its membership through the pledge drives.

The pledge drives are vitally important to KTWU since more than half its budget comes from member contributions, of which most comes from pledge drives.   The station depends on these funds to operate.

“Overwhelmingly, a majority of the funds we operate on, come from people who donate to support local public television,” said Goodman.

Many programs are only aired on public television.  Without funding from membership, many of these programs could not be aired. Pledge drives usually occur only three times a year; in March, late summer and December.

“We try not to do it too often,” said Goodman.

Successful pledge drives in the past have more than just raised money.

“They are a viable means to keep in touch with the viewership,” said Goodman.

Pledge drives remind viewers of the programming offered by KTWU. People can become partners with KTWU during pledge week but they do not have to wait for a pledge drive.  Pledges can be made at KTWU.org, or call KTWU directly.