Counseling services holds ADD/ADHD student workshop

Washburn is doing its best to accommodate to students’ needs.


An ADD/ADHD  Workshop was hosted last Tuesday in order to help both diagnosed and undiagnosed students get organized and ready for the new school year. The workshop was ran by Marilynn Koelliker, director of counseling services.


The workshop began with a brief overview of what ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) are. Koelliker explained the symptoms of ADD along with the three types. Students in the workshop had the opportunity to learn techniques that can stimulate better learning.


Students at the workshop had not been properly diagnosed with ADD or ADHD.  But Koelliker explained that students can be diagnosed through student services on campus if they so choose.


“You would apply for accommodations through their office, and get the documentation that you are now diagnosed,” said Koelliker. “Each of you will have your own individual needs for ADD.”

In some ADD instances, students are allowed to use recorders in class, have extended test taking times, and have a personal note-taker.


In addition to personal study tips, Koelliker discussed biological and physical health habits for the participants such as eating well, getting enough sleep, exercise, and medication. The participants filled out charts, which would help them assess their own personal needs.


Students seemed a bit concerned about their ADD/ADHD needs showing up on their college transcripts, as well as extra test taking time and having a personal note-taker.


But Koelliker reassured students that records are strictly confidential and nothing will show up on their transcript having to do with ADD or ADHD.


She plans on having more workshops in the upcoming years. “I went off to some workshops to try to learn more about it. I did that and then started offering this workshop each semester,” said Koelliker.


Two students at the workshop have already made individual appointments. Students with ADD or ADHD are welcome to visit the Counseling Services’ office for one-on-one assistance.