Lady Blues soccer ties against Incarnate Word

Heads up! Washburn goalkeeper, Ashley Klone, kicks a ball during the Lady Blues game on Saturday. Washburn tied 1-1 against the University of Incarnate Word. Photo by Erik Boeselager.

Sam Sayler / Washburn Review

While the Washburn Lady Blues soccer team still has yet to win a game this season, they have been steadily improving. After the team’s unfortunate 0-2 loss to Missouri Southern State University on Thursday Sept. 9, the women progressed to 1-1 tie with University of the Incarnate Word on Sept. 11.

“There weren’t a lot of highlights on Thursday,” said Tim Collins, head coach. “You know, I’ve told a lot of people that I’ve talked to that it’s probably the worst game we’ve played in the last seven years. And I don’t want to take anything away from Missouri Southern, but we just didn’t put things together.

“And then, you know, get through that. Yesterday, we talked about how we need to take care of ourselves. We need to focus on possession, and I thought we were much better today, even better than we were against St. Edwards. And that’s a good team that we played today, so, you know, disappointed in the result, but extremely happy in the way that we played.

Collins also pointed out flaws in the team’s game and also the areas wherein they succeeded.

“We were able to hold the ball and keep possession,” said Collins. “As far as what we did wrong, you know, we’ve had a couple of moments, the first goal against Missouri Southern, it was a little bit iffy whether or not she truly wanted to shoot the ball. Second, the goal that they had today, it’s the same thing. It’s just not in the most dangerous position, but she hits it

“I thought there wasn’t a lot that was wrong today. Maybe a little bit of being alert and alive. It’s hotter now than what we’re used to, but overall, I was pleased with that. We need to work on speed of play and linking passes, especially from one line to the next.”

The players on the team have also acknowledged unsatisfactory results, but remain optimistic for the rest of the season.

“Today’s game, we came out with a lot more intensity,” said Ashley Klone, senior goalkeeper. “We played a lot harder. I think we played with a lot more heart, and we played like we know how to play.

“On Thursday’s game, we came up flat. We didn’t put passes together. We just didn’t have a lot of intensity, and that’s not who we are. So, it was kind of a disappointment Thursday. Even though we didn’t get the win today, I think we took a step forward,” said Klone.

Klone pointed out some reason why she thinks the game against Missouri Southern had such an upsetting conclusion and points out how the team improved against Incarnate Word.

“Every team has their off game, and hopefully, that was ours for the whole season, because we don’t want to play like that again,” said Klone. “We came in ready for it. We practiced hard. We had a great practice on Wednesday. It just wasn’t our day.

“Today’s game, we had an amazing free kick. Lauren Henry kicked it in. Rachel Hansen, freshman, scored it off a header, and it got called back for off-sides, but it was pretty sweet, and it got our intensity up, and we knew we could get in, we could score.

“Then, when we got the goal, when Leah Talley worked her butt off and gave the ball to Lauren Henry and she put it in, that was the first goal we’ve scored all season. I think that really lifted our spirits up. I just think, across the board, our defense played awesome. They didn’t have any letdowns. They were just solid back there.”