Libertarians look to gain recognition

With the election for governor fast approaching, some people are starting to think about their choices and options for the election.

This year, there is a third party running for governor. Andrew Gray and Stacey Davis are running for governor and lieutenant governor with the Libertarian party in the upcoming election.  The party is the fastest growing one in Kansas, according to candidate Gray.

Davis explained that the Libertarian party stands for liberty for all and that all laws should apply to everyone equally at all times.  

“Basically the libertarian school of thought is that you can’t have social freedom without economic liberty and you definitely cannot have economic liberty without social freedom their interdependent on each other,” said Gray.

While the Libertarian party may not be as well known, according to the Libertarian party’s national website, they guarantee a win, but not in the way one might think.  That is because they have two ways to win in this election. The first way is to win the election outright, which according to Gray is extremely impractical because they lack the money and the name recognition. However they do have another way to win.

“The other way we can win it, which is really the main reason why I’m running, is that if we achieve five percent of the vote in the general election we acquire what’s called major party status. So in the eyes of the state and perception of the voters we are on the very same page as the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. Which means we offer more choices as candidates,” said Gray.

According to Davis, Libertarians have been locked out of the political process and have not been invited to debates or forums. By getting five percent of the state wide vote, they would get access to the primary election process and become a third major party. Both Gray and Davis believe that this will fundamentally change the landscape of politics in Kansas.

They also both agree that young people especially college kids can have a huge impact on the election process. And that it is very important to become politically aware.

“Educate yourself and find the people that you really believe in,” said Davis. “Do not vote for just a party, vote for individuals that you would trust in your own life. If you would not trust them in your own life please don’t trust them in your government. Become involved and you really can shape the world that you work in and you will raise a family in.”

To find out more about the Libertarian party go to or Interested parties can also contact either Gray or Davis.

“If they have any questions or doubts or think we are right or wrong by all means send us an e-mail or call us we will be more than happy to speak to them about it,” said Gray.

Rick Ellis, Director of Learning in the Community (LINC) at Washburn, also found important in voting

“Young people can really make a difference in this election,” said Ellis.

Ellis has sent emails over MyWashburn to students to make sure they are registering to vote. The deadline for registration is Oct. 18.