WU student a world title holder

Washburn University has somewhat of a celebrity and his name is Vashon Sterling Perryman. He is a power lifting world belt title holder.  

Perryman is 24 years old, 5’7″ and about 165 pounds.  On Aug. 7 and 8 Perryman competed against 250 other competitors for the world belt title in Denver, Colo., at the World Cup. Perryman said that most of the people that were in the competition were from the United States but there were also a great deal of individuals from other countries.  He is now the best pound for pound lifter under 198 pounds in the world.

Perryman is originally from Ottawa, Kan., and he attended Ottawa University for two years before he transferred to Washburn University. He is president of Kappa Alpha Phi and will graduate in May 2011 with a degree in Physiology with an emphasis in exercise.  

Perryman works at Maxim Fitness as a personal trainer. He is certified by the International Sports Science Association. When asked, his favorite thing to do is exercise.

“Every time I’m asked this I sound like a gym rat but my hobby is exercising whether I am actually working out or just looking up new exercises. I love exercising and I will do it as long as my body will let me,” Perryman said.

This will be a good way to prepare for his career because he wants to be a personal trainer. He has received a lot of valuable experience with his major and work history.

Perryman has won four national titles, but this year was his first time going to the World Cup where he won.  He turned professional in April and his first meet is coming up quickly in Oklahoma City, Okla., on Oct. 17, 2010. Perryman is an independent lifter, which means he needs as many sponsors as possible.

“I’m always looking for sponsors,” said Perryman. “I have definitely extended my range of people. No matter where I go after I graduate there will probably be someone that knows me whether I know them or not.”

Perryman cannot be defined by his mere 165 pound build because his best ever squat, dead lift, bench press, and strict curl are all at least his weight and up. His ultimate squat is 615 pounds, dead lift is also 615 pounds, bench press is 340 pounds, and his strict curl is 175 pounds.  

Perryman is attending Washburn for only one more semester.