VIDEO: Yogurt Eating Contest

Every year at Washburn University, Zeta Tau Alpha sorority holds their Think Pink Week as part of their philanthropy for breast cancer awareness.

During Think Pink Week, Zeta Tau Alpha had a yogurt eating contest that took place October 6, 2010.  Participants had to eat as many yogurts as they could in just two minutes.


Service Chair for Zeta Tau Alpha Caprice Cortez says the event is all for a good cause.


Student Nick Casper says he participated in the event for the cause it supports and also it was something to do with friends.


Washburn student Nick Smallback took first place, eating eleven yogurts in two minutes.


There are other events that Washburn University students can participate in during Think Pink Week.


Think Pink Week is not the only time that Zeta Tau Alpha helps with breast cancer Awareness