Homecoming week culminates with the crowning of the king and queen

Kelsie O'Connell

Washburn University’s annual Homecoming crowning took place Saturday, Oct. 23 as the Ichabods took on Northwest Missouri State Bearcats. As each candidate lined up along the football field, the results were revealed.

Taylor McGown, nominated by Washburn Student Government Association, took the crown as 2010’s Homecoming queen. McGown, from Mound City, Kan., serves as president of the Bod Squad, a biology mentor for students, as well as budget director for the WSGA . McGown is a junior majoring in biology at Washburn.

“It’s very surreal,” said McGown of the win. “There were a lot of really good candidates up [to win].”

McGown said that because she woke up late, she didn’t even have to time to think about winning. As President of the Bod Squad, McGown said she had to get the tailgate up and going before the game, which was a priority concern.

Humbled by the win, McGown said she did not expect to win. Yet, she feels her victory was a great honor.

“It feels really good to know that the students felt that I was the one they wanted to see and to represent Washburn in that way,” said McGown.

Alongside McGown, senior Lucas Mullin took the crown as Homecoming King. A senior majoring in public administration, Mullin felt honored by the win as well. Also nominated by the Washburn Student Government Association, Mullin serves as vice president of the WSGA and is a member of Phi Delta Theta.

“I’m very excited,” said Mullin. “It’s a very big honor.”

Mullin said he knew the day was going to be good, regardless of whether or not he won. Not only is Homecoming Mullin’s favorite time of the year at Washburn, but his parents, whom he doesn’t see all the time, were there to witness the crowning.

“It was kind of a thank you, and it shows them that what I do on campus is hopefully something good, and that people see it,” said Mullin. “[It shows them] that my four years have been good, and it’s been worth something.”

Mullin feels it is also an honor to be among the past few winners of the crown, including Angel Romero and Jonathan Person. Also aware of the alumni that would be returning to campus to watch the crowning, Mullin was additionally extactic.

“The fact that I got nominated was an honor itself,” added Mullin.

Both McGown and Mullin said they knew each of the candidates and that being among them made the candidacy that much more awesome.

“It was a great experience,” said Mullin.

With all the candidates standing next to President Farley, Romero, last year’s king, crowned McGown and presented herwith flowers after the announcement rang through the crowd.

“The winners are great representatives of the student body and will represent the university very well,” said Farley.

Both McGown and Mullin would like to thank the student body for making them Washburn’s 2010 Homecoming queen and king.