Reimringer presents book, ‘Vestments’

Last week, author John Reimringer, presented his latest book,  “Vestments” in the Kansas room at Washburn.

The book he was discussing is based on a priest of the Catholic church, and dealing with a rebellious son and the evolution of their relationship.

“The book was more of a duplicate of someone I knew at the University of Kansas,” said Reimringer. “They said I could relate their story to the book.”

The author told the audience of how writing the book actually made him start to deal with some issues in his own life, and the time it took him to grow through the process.

The first chapter of the book deals with the unsettled relationship between father and son as growing up in the Catholic church, and mixing that with the secular words of his dad.

Reimringer, a native of Topeka, also spoke about how he never felt quite at home in Topeka and moved away after college.

Eventually he settled into St. Paul, Minn. where he and his wife felt there were better opportunities for a writer.

“Everyone there reminded me of my father when I moved to St. Paul,” said Reimringer. “I later found out I had a lot of history there.”

Though the author grew up as a member of the Catholic church, he said that the book is not a reflection of himself.