VIDEO: Love wins Huelskamp’s senate seat

Twenty-three year old Garrett Love (R), who was just elected to the Kansas House of Representatives in November, won a spot in the Kansas Senate Monday in the race to replace Congressman-elect Tim Huelskamp in the 38th Senate District (R).

Monday night’s showdown was a sequel to the primary race for the 115th House District held earlier this year between Love and leading conservative State Rep. Melvin Neufeld who has served over 20 years in the Kansas House. Love won the primary with 66% of the vote and won last night’s Senate seat with 101 votes to Neufeld’s 38 votes by precinct committeemen and women.

Senator-elect Love, a former WSGA president, said he was ready for the new job, saying, “I am very honored and humbled to have been selected to serve as the next state senator of the 38th district. I look forward to doing a lot of listening and learning in preparation for the many issues we have before us.”

Love’s win over Neufeld in the House was a surprise but last nights victory catapulted Love to the Senate without serving a day in the Kansas House.

Love’s victory also opens up a new race to replace Love’s and Neufeld’s former House seat in the 115th district.