Tatted Stutz balanced on, off court

Robert Burkett

With grenades bursting and airstrikes called in, once again another Washburn athlete comes out victorious against his opponents.

The preceding wasn’t a scene set in the deserts of Iraq or the mountains of Afghanistan but rather in the home of one of the leaders of the Washburn men’s basketball team. Logan Stutz, senior forward, is an intense competitor in all pursuits. His time spent off the court finds him at times playing his favorite video game, “Call of Duty” vanquishing opponents in first-person-shooter action or spending time with his fiancée, Rachel Moore and his dog, Bubbles.

“The whole team knows that dog so it’s a lot of fun hanging out with her when the guys over,” said Stutz.

Stutz though has always been a person grounded in his faith and his family. This is evidenced by his affinity for the tattoos that adorn him.

“The right side of my body is faith-based because that’s really important to me,” said Stutz. “The left side I have some work that’s dedicated to my family because they mean so much to me.”

The tattoos, though, started out as initially with some controversy that almost got him expelled.

“I attended a Christian school in high school and when I got my first one, the school tried to throw me out and had a vote over it,” said Stutz. “I ended up staying but after that I got another one which my parents found out about and weren’t happy. Since then though, I’ve tried to be really responsible about any art I get because I don’t want it to hurt my chances at getting a job after school.”

On the court, Stutz has been a force of nature early on this season. In the game against Grand Canyon University, Stutz scored a season high 38 points to lead the team to a 86-81 win. To score that many points in a game is impressive but what may be more striking is how he came to that total.

“He scored 38 on 12 of 14 shots,” said Bob Chipman, Washburn head coach. “That’s got to be some sort of school record. Most guys that score 38 or 42 need 30 shots to get there.”

Stutz though feels that this season things have just been falling in place for this, his senior season.

“You know guys are just finding me right now,” said Stutz. “The ball has been falling for me and I’m just going to do whatever I need to, to get this team to a national tournament.”