VIDEO: Kansas bioscience authority puts Kansas in lead answering Obama’s ‘Sputnik Moment’ challenge

The Kansas Bioscience Authority showcased a new industry on the rise Tuesday, noting that Kansas has moved into the top five states in the nation for bioscience research and development.

The group is responsible for bringing $4.4 million dollars to Wichita to fund the Center of Innovation for Biomaterials in Orthopedic Research, or CIBOR, that uses composite material developed from airplane manufacturing, to create medical devices like hip and knee replacement joints.

The President of the Bioscience Authority, Tom Thorton, says that the program has brought over a thousand new jobs to the state and helped keep big companies like Cargill, here in Kansas.

“The bottom line is, quite simply put, the biosciences are leading our state’s economic recovery and economic growth,” said Thorton.

The KBA is funding a series of programs across the state, including research on plant genetics in Manhattan and helping a health care information technology systems in Lawrence reach the marketplace.

Senate President Steven Morris said there is an excitement for Kansas’ growing influence in bioscience and their success will help pull Kansas out of the recession.

“I’m very excited about biotechnology and bio science. It’s a shining star for us in Kansas, a true bright light for our economy,” said Morris.

In Tuesday night’s State of the Union address, President Obama challenged the nation to peruse biomedical research, information technology and clean energy, calling it this generation’s “Sputnik Moment. The Kansas Bioscience Authority has put Kansas in the lead in answering the President’s challenge.