Washburn vending prices take a hike

Anjelica Willis

As the second semester starts at Washburn University, the Pepsi Company has raised prices on vending machine beverages.

“This took affect over the winter break and this is on all Pepsi products,” said Duke Divine, director of business services. “It also affects prices in the Union as far as that goes the prices on the sodas will see an increase as well.”

But compared to where numbers could have been according to Divine, Washburn was lucky in its recent history.

“I’m actually happy that we were able to lower the price from a $1.25 for the past three years,” said Divine.  

Melanie Wiggins, freshman, found it unnecessary to raise the prices of beverages.

“I think it is silly to raise the price on the soda,” said Wiggins. “Most of us as students are trying to find a dollar sometimes just for a soda. I think it should stay the way it was.”

Wiggins was also curious as to what exactly the extra quarter paid for.

“I know it’s only a quarter but if you think about it, those quarters add up,” said Wiggins.

But according to Divine, there is a reason to the entire situation and its outside of the control of anyone at Washburn.

“The wholesale price has gone up causing us as a company to raise prices,” said Divine. “This could make some inconvenience and disturb students, but the price was low for a while and with the three year contract being over, we had no choice.”