VIDEO: Comprehensive anti-abortion bill introduced in Kansas House Wednesday

A bi-partisan group of Kansas legislators introduced a bill Wednesday that would implement many of the abortion restrictions that abortion opponents have been been lobbying for for years.

The new bill includes requirements such as consent from both parents of a minor with stable intact families, disclosure of specific diagnoses that allow late-term abortions and making the partial birth abortion ban more strict than the current law.

Representative Lance Kinzer (R) said the bill would try to close debate over issues that were passed by the legislature but vetoed by past Governors.

“I think the key goal is to make sure that we put to bed the issue of late term abortion reporting and partial birth abortion, that has so dominated the legislative discussion on life over the past four session or so,” said Kinzer.

But opponents of the bill like Planned Parenthood and the National Organization For Women said that hearing on the bill would  target women a time when the legislature should be focused on the budget.

“We should be looking at the budget to find effective cost saving measures for the citizens for the state of Kansas,” said Kari Ann Kinker. “Instead we are meddling in the private lives and health of women.”

Kinzer said this is the second in a number of bills that will be introduced this session that address abortion. The bill now heads to the Federal and State Affairs Committee where it will face hearings next Wednesday.