VIDEO: Late term abortion law gets hearing in House committee

A new bill to restrict late term abortions was given a hearing at the House Federal and State Affairs committee Wednesday.

The proposed law would make  a number of changes, including requiring consent from both parents of a minor wanting an abortion, removing the mental health exception and allowing a husband or parent of a minor to bring a civil action against an abortion provider.

Supporter of the bill say the bill contains issues that mostly have passed in the House and Senate in the past and pushed for the recognition that abortion involves a life.

“I want to draw particular attention to the bill’s language that abortion terminates the life of a whole separate unique living human being,” said Michael Schuttloffell from the Kansas Catholic Conference.

The debate over abortion laws has torn the state apart since the U.S. Supreme Court ruling of Roe vs. Wade in 1973 that said while a woman had a right to an abortion early in her pregnancy, the state had the right to provide some regulations in the 3rd trimester.

Opponents of the bill say many women and children live deep poverty and face the horrors of domestic violence.

“Yet we stand here today arguing about abortion,” said Amber Versola from the National Organization for Women. “We worry about the unborn fetus and essentially ignore the most vulnerable of people who already here.”

The bill is expected to easily pass in the committee and sponsors of the legislation say they believe it may pass in the House chamber by the end of the month.