New computer processors now found at e-mail docks

Robert Burkett

Some might have noticed recently that new technology has been popping up all over campus.

Students looking to change classes, access school email or other university related materials can now do so on some of the new equipment thanks to an exchange of equipment with the Washburn Institute of Technology.

“We received 30 to 40 newer [Hewlett Packard] units from the WIT that we’ve been implementing as public terminals around campus,” said John Haverty, information and system services manager.

While the process of balancing technology needs between campuses has benefited Washburn, the needs of WIT haven’t been ignored.

“We just recently sent 15 to 20 flat screen monitors to WIT to replace some of their old CRT monitors,” said Haverty.

Beyond the technology exchange, ISS has been working with WIT to assist them in their technology needs. According to Haverty, WIT has their own technology budget but are assisted by ISS through the price quoting process, giving them an idea of how much projects will cost.

In addition, Washburn will be soon coming to grips with the process of once again upgrading softwares. According to Haverty, ISS was just recently cleared to begin the process of preparing for campus wide upgrade to Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating software. The new software requires a higher level of technology than some of the computers across campus have currently.

“We’ll have to upgrade the RAM in some of the terminals and other labs around campus to meet the operating requirements that Windows 7 has,” said Haverty.

The upgrades will be spent as part of the $150,000 budget that ISS is set with for the current fiscal year. In the meantime, ISS will continue to work at keeping Washburn up to speed on the technology front.

“We have plenty to keep us busy right now,” said Haverty.