SRWC provides options, variety for all students

Louis Bourdeau

Washburn University students, faculty and staff lead busy, hectic and stressful day-to-day lives. The demands of school, teaching, work and family life do not leave much time for students, faculty and staff to relax and take some time for themselves or to spend time with friends.

Students who are stressed might not do as well in their academics at school, Washburn has just the cure for students, faculty and staff who are stressed by their daily commitments.  

Washburn students, faculty and staff have the Student Recreation and Wellness Center to turn to when they are stressed about an upcoming quiz or exam, teaching or work responsibility. Students pay $43 in student activity fees which allows them multiple options for stress relief and breaks from their studies and other personal obligations such as attending the many sporting events across campus, attending concerts at White Concert Hall and participating in intramural sports at the SRWC. Faculty and staff who want to use the rec have to pay a fee of $75 per year or monthly payments of $12 to use the facility or participate in intramural sports.  

“The Student Recreation or Wellness Center was built in 2004 and was available for students to use in 2005 and I have been here since the building opened,” said John Cummings, assistant director of the rock wall and intramurals.

Students, faculty and staff who utilize the SRWC and are overly stressed by the academic, personal and work responsibilities that are required of them have many activities that they can participate in, such as running-on the track, utilizing the exercise machines, participating in the wellness program that is coordinated by the SRWC and participating in intramural sports. Students, faculty and staff have multiple, organized intramural sports options that they can participate in that allow them to relieve stress.

Students who are interested in intramural sports must find a team manager and sign-up to participate in these sporting events that are organized by the SRWC. Students who win gain bragging rights as intramural champions for a semester. Champions receive a champion T-shirt and a banner with their team name on it in the gym.

Intramurals are an opportunity for participants to not only interact socially with other students, faculty and staff members but also to learn outside the classroom about conflict resolution and communication that is on display.

Those interested in the intramural activities that are offered at the SRWC for this semester still have a chance to sign-up for many activities. The schedule of intramural deadlines are posted in the entrance of the SRWC as well as on their website.

“Students use intramurals as a stress relieve definitely and these events are not new this semester. We try to do a variety of events to offer non-traditional sports and activities to students who are not as interested in the strenuous activity for instance Wii Bowling is an example of how we try to target students who are not interested in the traditional sports,” said Cummings.