Do your jobs please Wisconsin

I am not against teachers’ unions, Democrats, Republicans or good cheese. I’m against actions that show a disdain for the democratic process.

Refusing to even enter your home state in an effort to kill a bill is just weak. You want to rewrite the bill? Vote that way.

For those who didn’t keep up with my ranting thus far, in this comparatively short space, I’m coming down on the Wisconsin legislators who are trying to kill a bill by refusing to show up to sessions where it will be voted on. The legislation that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is proposing would undercut teachers’ unions by having opt-out options as well as taking away the right to collective bargaining, an action that is projected to save over 1,000 state jobs. Now, whether those figures are accurate, or whether the actions are the correct way to solve the problem, acting like children will not exactly strengthen the pro-union stance.

With most of the other 49 states facing similar tough decisions, all I can do is hope and plead that no other state’s legislators will follow the examples of these “deserters.” I get that they are against the proposed cuts. But with state citizens’ tax money paying you to show up and make these decisions, to not even extend the courtesy of showing up, even if just to argue, is a slap in the face of the people who voted in hopes of your representing them like grown ups.

So, Wisconsin Senate, get your crayons, grow up and get back to work.