VIDEO: Faculty Meeting

The first faculty meeting at Washburn University took place on February 3, 2011 at Henderson Learning Center.  The main purpose for the faculty meeting was to deal with general business items of the faculty and the university.

The first discussion that Washburn President Jerry Farley addressed was about the revision for general education courses.

Farley also discussed how the Washburn website needs to be worked on and improved to make it easier to navigate and more inviting for people.

Budget and funding was another major topic discussed at the faculty meeting, President Farley discussed how some of Washburn’s funding comes from the state sales tax and last October the state sales tax was down significantly.

The president discussed how the last couple of years the budget has not been used to make any adjustments to faculty salaries or benefits and how Washburn needs to in order to stay competitive against other institutions.

There were some changes to different programs that were adopted with out any debate because they had already been debated and gone through the different processes on campus. There were introductions to some of the new faculty including Randy Pembrook the new vice president for academic affairs.