‘The Black Rose’ provides free music for Blameshift fans

Switching it up Blameshift’s lead singer Jenny Mann has taken over more of the vocal work on the band’s new EP giving it a more uniform sound. The new EP “The Black Rose” was released this month and is available for free download on the band’s Facebook.

Josh Rouse

Blameshift, an alt-rock band out of New York, took a unique direction this month, using the social network Facebook to distribute its new EP, “The Black Rose,” for free. It worked.

The band, which was recognized last year by Alternative Press Magazine as one of the “Best Unsigned Bands,” seems to be taking the nation by storm. They have toured across the country including on the Vans Warped Tour and the AP Fall Tour. With the release of the new EP, close to 3,000 fans are getting a free taste of Blameshift’s unique sound.

Behind the dynamic vocals of lead singer Jenny Mann, the band’s catchy lyrics stand out against captivating drum beats by James Miller and excellent guitar work by Tim Barbour. With lines such as “What’s hurting you is killing me,” it’s easy to see why this band has been as successful as it is so far.

Blameshift’s style on this EP sounds similar to bands such as The Academy Is… and Fall Out Boy, perhaps for a reason. It was produced by Eric Ron in Hollywood, who has produced for such bands as VersaEmerge, Good Charlotte and Panic at the Disco. Barbour becomes less involved vocally than he has been in previous albums, with Mann taking over most of the singing duties, which helps give the songs a more uniform sound. For examples of the difference, check out Blameshift’s other albums “Blameshift EP” and “The Test” on iTunes.

My favorite song on the album, by far, is “Killing Me,” although all of the songs are catchy. It begins with a slightly electronic sound that draws the listener into the song with its eerie sound. Mann then begins singing with a light backbeat on the cymbals, which eventually builds to include guitar and a more concrete drumbeat.

What makes the song, however, is the chorus. Mann’s voice is so powerful as she sings the lines “Desperate to make you see, it’s more than just words I need you hear with me, you’re facing disaster I think you should know, what’s hurting you is killing me.”

The only complaint I have with the EP is that it makes me want to hear more. Eighteen minutes of music simply isn’t enough when you have a band of this quality. I need more.

To hear Blameshift’s new EP, “The Black Rose,” check them out at www.facebook.com/blameshift. You can hear more of their music on MySpace at www.myspace.com/blameshift.