Gaslight Anthem rolls a winner with new single

Ryan Hodges

In the liner notes for their new single, Gaslight Anthem singer Brian Fallon wrote, “Say what you want, but The Rolling Stones have put out some of the most raw and real music ever to be put to tape.”

The band’s faithful cover of “Tumbling Dice” is the A-side of a special 7-inch single which was recently released to independent music stores.

The “Exile on Main Street” classic tells the tale of a gambler who just can’t seem to remain faithful to his woman. Gaslight Anthem’s version strips away the shine and lets “Tumbling Dice” stand stark in a punkish fashion, all while keeping the original version’s groove intact. It feels both new and classic, and Gaslight Anthem shows that their influences go beyond just Bruce Springsteen.

“She Loves You,” the single’s B-side is an original outtake from Gaslight Anthem’s latest album, “American Slang,” but it wouldn’t feel the least bit out of place in the Rolling Stones’s catalog. It swings along at a leisurely pace and mines the same lyrical themes as “Tumbling Dice.” The song feels like a sweltering day in New Jersey with no air conditioning.

“Tumbling Dice” is available on multi-colored vinyl and comes with a download card which allows the listener to put the tracks on an iPod or other device. The single can be found at independent records stores or can be ordered through Gaslight Anthem’s website at