B&B Theaters to premiere Nov. 7

Nicholas Solomon

There’s going to be a new movie theater in town.

B&B Theatres will be opening at Wheatfield Village shopping center at the corner of 29th street and Fairlawn road, near businesses such as Johnny’s Tavern and SPIN! Pizza.

B&B Theatres is a family owned and operated movie theater chain throughout the Midwest and Southern US with theaters in Kansas, South Carolina, Missouri, and more.

The question that immediately comes to mind is “Why Topeka, Kansas?” Director of Public Relations for B&B, Paul Farnsworth, discusses why B&B chose Topeka as its next location.

“There are a couple of reasons. B&B Theatres is headquartered in the Kansas City area, so it’s been our backyard for a long time and this market was a good opportunity. We feel like it’s under-serviced, in that there’s room for the theatrical amenities that we can bring to the table,” said Farnsworth.

There are several things that B&B Theatres special such as its dine-in service and bar.

“I think there are a few things that set us apart. We’re family owned and operated – we have been since 1924,” said Farnsworth. “We are concerned about creating an atmosphere that’s fun, safe, approachable, innovative and lately I think we’ve been blazing trails in terms of our commitment to moving theatrical experience to the next level.”

Exclusive features that B&B offers in this area make the statement about the “next level of experience” true. One of these is the Grand Screen, which is a six-story wide, four-story tall wall to wall curved screen, with immersive surround sound, perfect for upcoming movies like “Star Wars: Episode IX.”

Then there is MX4D. In contrast to the reclining seats that the Grand Screens feature, it has seats more in line with “bench seats like you might find in an amusement park.” In addition to the screen moving, there are 4D features like rain and strobe effects.

“I fully believe that unlike other theatrical venues, it is content driven,” said Farnsworth. “The right movies need to be used for it.”

Farnsworth also had some thoughts regarding competition in town.

“Our primary concern is what our guests are going to experience when they come to this building,” said Farnsworth. “I think that some of the innovations will keep moviegoers coming back.”

An outside opinion also comes from Washburn Movies & Music Instructor and Instructional Librarian Jean Marshall.

“I live near that intersection and it’s very busy. In that sense, I think it’s very good… it’s going to be something new with those restaurants right there. I believe they’re eventually building an apartment complex there also, said Marshall. 

And that is just one opinion on what the new development means to Topeka.

All in all, there is no reason not go to go to B&B. B&B Theaters is located at 2829 Fairlawn Road, in Topeka.

B&B Theatres opens on Nov. 7, with films such as “Doctor Sleep” and “Midway,” film fans are counting down the days.

Edited by Jackson Woods, Jada Johnson, Adam White, Wesley Tabor