President’s Press

Caley Onek

Hello Washburn,

Thanksgiving is almost here… The semester is almost over… While for some, endings entail the deceleration of the body before it, the nearing of the end of this semester has only signified the opposite of this as everything has been getting very hectic for WSGA. This Monday brought a very exciting day for students as Faculty Senate passed the proposed Success Week policy. This means that this policy that would limit testing and major course assignments the week before finals aimed at improving student success at Washburn is now only one step away from becoming a reality for Washburn students. It will go up for a final vote before General Faculty in January.

This past Monday also began the start of a safer Washburn University with the inauguration of the Washburn Campus Watch program. President Farley, President of the Topeka Safe Streets Coalition Barry Feaker, and Chief of Police at WU Dean Forster helped us launch the program that will increase safety awareness on campus improve relationships between students and the Washburn University Police Department with the goal of helping Washburn become the safest campus in the country! This is a very attainable goal. We currently are at a good level when it comes to safety, together we need to make it great. Locking and taking valuables out of your vehicle and knowing the police department (785-670-1153) wants to hear from you and work with you is a good start.

Also, this Friday at 7:05 p.m. is Washburn Night at the Topeka Roadrunners game. We have less than 45 tickets remaining, so make sure to bring your student ID to the WSGA office (lower level of the Union) today and claim your free ticket before we run out. It should be a lot of fun, and you will also be able to pick up your free Ichabods/Roadrunners t-shirt at the game.

In other news, basketball season began this past week for the Ichabods and Lady Blues. Hope to see you at all the games. And Morgan Spurlock, the director and star of the film SuperSize Me, will be on campus December 3rd as part of the WSGA Lecture Series. It should be a very interesting event. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

Go Bods!!!

Garrett Love

President, WSGA