Senior’s exhibition in ‘Constant Motion’

Moving on BFA student, Loren King’ senior show recently opened at the John R. Adams Gallery in the Washburn Art building. His exhibition features primarily photography but also includes oil painting, etching and a book of photographs. His work shares a common theme of movement and texture. He began pursuing his degree at Washburn in 2000, and after taking a break to be with his son, he will graduate in May, 2011.

Michelle Botlz

Washburn’s newest student senior art show features Loren King, a Bachelor of Fine Arts major who is graduating this spring.  His gallery talk took place in the Art Building on April 5. King’s show features three types of mediums: photography, oil paint, and etching. King’s favorite medium to use is photography and it is also his emphasis.  The theme for King’s exhibit is “Constant Motion,” and has dedicated his show to his 6-year-old son Eliott.

A series of King’s photo displays are titled “A New York Second.” In fall of 2010, King and his family took a trip to New York City to see a parade. This was King’s second trip to New York. He created his works using a slower shutter speed. He took over 400 photos and created a 100-page book in  Marydorsey Wanless’s photo design class.

Other photos in his exhibit represent the quiet moments set to Kansas. One of King’s photos, “President Bush Speaks War,” in 2002, expresses the political frustrations of post- 9/11 times.

“Photographically, I enjoy capturing the photos and bringing them to life,” said King.

Bachelor of Fine Art students are required to have an individual show with at least two to three types of mediums, and to have a professional gallery student show.  A Bachelor of Fine Arts degree does not require a minor, but requires more of an emphasis on courses. Until just recently, King had not picked up a paintbrush since 2006. He enjoys keeping his mediums in movement, whether it is a pencil or paintbrush, especially when mixing colors and strokes of paint.  One of King’s favorite pieces in his exhibit titled “It’s Eliott,” which was of his son’s sonogram. Another personal favorite of King’s paintings is called “Nina, A Gift to My Father.” He went on to explain that Nina Simone was one of his father’s favorite Jazz musicians.

He has sold two copies of the original print.

Upon graduation, King plans on producing some graphic art with his brother, and taking a break from art to spend quality time with Eliott, who will be starting kindergarten in the fall. When not a student or making art, King works full time at St. Francis Hospital cleaning surgical instruments.

He does plan on continuing his photography and painting in his studio. “The garage is where it all goes down,” said King. “Don’t know where I’m going from there, we’ll see.”

King’s advice for future art students: “Don’t be afraid to experiment with types of photography, and try different things.”

King started pursuing his art degree in 2000, and took a break after Elliott was born in 2006. He returned in spring of 2010 to finish his requirements to graduate.  King’s show opened on April 4, and will be on display until April 15.