BLOG: The Summer Review

Brian Dulle

“One stage of your journey is over, another begins.”

This is one of my favorite quotes from Gandalf the White in Peter Jackson’s movie, The Lord of the RIngs: The Two Towers.

I wanted to take a moment to let people know what they can expect to see on this summer as well as introduce myself.  I am Brian Dulle and I will be continuing the work that Josh Rouse has done this past year as the new Online Editor-in-Chief.  Fear not as I am sure you will still see awesome work from Mr. Rouse on our website from time to time.  I realize I have much work ahead of me but I am ready to face what ever challenge comes my way.

This summer, we as in the Washburn University Student Media staff will do our best to bring you all kinds of news.  We plan on having quite a bit of news stories both written and video as well as different podcasting shows.  I along with Bryce Grammer will have our own podcast coming soon reviewing movies both new and old.

Our staff will have blog stories many times through out the week on different subjects such as movies, music, politics and entertainment.

Remember that the Washburn Review is a news source for students by the students and if you think we can improve on something let us know either by using the letter to the editor feature under the opinions tab or by the request a story tab now on the website.

In reality there is going to be a lot of new content on the website this summer so keep your eyes open and I look forward to giving you coverage that you can count on.