Brief: Weekend storms hit midwest

Brian Dulle

Damaging storms hit this last weekend at different areas in the mid-west changing hundreds of lives.

The largest one hit the city of Joplin, Mo. with a half-mile wide tornado claiming the lives of at least 122 people according to the Missouri governor’s office and crushing straight into a hospital according to the associated press.

The National Weather Service has classified the tornado at its highest level, EF5.

It’s the single deadliest tornado in the U.S. since 1950.

The town of Reading, Kan. just 20 miles northeast of Emporia is currently cleaning up after a deadly tornado came through and destroyed most of the 250 -person town. 

Topeka, Kan. was hit Saturday night with baseball size hail, damaging vehicles and houses.  A tornado was reported to have touched down shortly at 23rd and Fairlawn.

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