VIDEO: Criminal Justice Students Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity

GIVING BACK Students from the Police and the Community class help organize the inside of Topeka Habitat for Humanity.

On June 28, 2011, eight students, Matthew Simpson, Ridge Bunde, Levi Earl, Tiara George, Phillip Jeffery, Kevin Lynn, Natalie Nioce and Kacey Wiltz from Washburn University’s Police and the Community class spent the day picking up and sorting donations throughout the City of Topeka to support Habitat for Humanity. 

The Washburn University’sPolice and the Community class ensures students will have a general understanding to the role the police play in the community. Students will be able to provide critical analysis of community based policy and programs as they relate to policing. Students will be able to critically analyze the theme of involving the community within the police role and students will recognize the difference between, community relations, community policing, public relations and how these terms interact with each other.

Group leader and Washburn graduate student Matthew Simpson said they looked at several opportunities in which they could provide service to the community.

“What drew our attention to Habitat for Humanity, is that it required its recipients of homes to donate 300 hours of sweat equity, said Simpson.  This simply made sense to us and we chose this project to assist with.”

Simpson said that the group learned through the class about giving back to the community.

“Anytime you can help out others in need and the community at large it’s a great feeling,” said Simpson.

Simpson also said that this project was something that brought the 8 volunteers closer together.

“We are all either currently serving in the criminal justice profession or actively pursuing serving in the criminal justice profession.  Part of that profession is teamwork and this was just one example of achieving that,” said Simpson.