Living Well at Washburn award goes to Carla Rasch

Carla Rasch, Washburn University registrar, university registrar’s office, has been awarded the Living Well at Washburn award. The Living Well at Washburn Award is given to Washburn employees who are committed to keeping themselves healthy, as well as rewarding individuals who possess the self leadership skills necessary to maintain their own wellness status. Rasch has been working at Washburn for 20 years.

In 2002 a routine mammogram revealed a suspicious spot on her breast, which turned out to be benign. Since both of Rasch’s parents passed away from cancer, she asked for a second opinion. That doctor suggested Rasch join a clinic for individuals at high risk of developing cancer.

At the clinic Rasch could participate in clinical trials for drugs thought to prevent cancer. As part of this drug trial she received another mammogram for baseline reading purposes.  Doctors discovered a malignant mass on her other breast. Because Rasch was an advocate for her own health, early recognition of the cancer led to early treatment.

What Rasch has learned and wishes everyone would:

    Take control of your own health

    Question doctors and diagnosis

    Never be afraid to speak up and get second opinions

    Play an active role in your treatment and research your options

    Remember that every decision being made effects how long you live

After being cancer free for several years Rasch realized she had too much stress in her life and had also gained weight.  She changed her attitude and is now excited about trying new foods and looking forward to biking, swimming, and kayaking this summer. 

Rasch’s attitude, tenacity, and survivor mentality are just few of the reasons she is Living Well at Washburn and for the rest of her life.

Living Well nominations are accepted on a continual basis. Nomination forms can be found at: