BLOG: Washburn plans to make Morgan main entrance onto campus


Every Washburn student has enters onto Washburn University’s campus at different spots everyday but most entered through Morgan Hall their first time.

I know Morgan Hall was the first building I entered and now according to an article by the Topeka Capital-Journal written by Washburn alumnus Eric Smith, the Washburn Board of Regents has approved the initiation of an architect selection process for the renovation and addition of Morgan Hall in order to create a Welcome Center and one-stop shop student service center.

President Jerry Farley said the goal is to create a “thematic, grand, iconic entrance to the campus” that welcomes visitors, especially incoming students and their families into Morgan Hall.

The project has an estimated cost of $10 million to $15 million, depending on the extent of renovation to the existing building.  There is $197,000 available for the Morgan Hall project already.

This sounds like a smart decision for Washburn and I look forward to seeing what the renovation plans will look like.

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All quotations appearing in this article are attributed directly to an interview conducted by the Topeka Capital-Journal.