Head Change Turns Heads at Kanrocksas Music Fesitval

The Kanrocksas Music Festival proved to be very profitable for local rock band Head Change, which took place on August 5, and 6 at the Kansas Speedway in Kansas City Kansas. They look forward to other opportunities to play shows like it.

Kanrocksas included many big-named bands, such as Muse, A Perfect Circle, Kid Cudi, Ween, Cage the Elephant, Flogging Molly and many others. An Estimated 60,000 people attended the festival this year, and even though Chris Fitz, the person responsible for organizing it, hoped for many more, plans are already being made for next year.

They were picked by five judges from a battle of bands which included over 200 bands, mostly from Kansas City.

“We don’t have a huge KC following,” said Wyatt Decsh, lead vocalist, “so for us to pull out a win against [all those] other bands from Kansas City, that is huge because we are from Topeka.”

Playing on a stage people had to pass by on their way to see the headliner Eminem, so Head Change was in the perfect spot to turn heads, and turn heads is exactly what they did. They handed out over 1,000 demo tapes which included three songs from their album “The Truth” released in December 2010.  Fans of hip-hop were stopping to check out the band, who considers themselves “melodic medal”.

Ever since the band made the decision to change members, the possibilities have become endless. Now with more motivation and dedication the band has seized every opportunity to get their name out there and their songs stuck in your head.

“Hiring the new members has added entertainment to our shows along with professionalism, [and] open minded writing which will really show in our next album,” said Dustin Robbins, who plays drums. “The band has grown due to taking huge steps to further our future, Hiring members to help complete a team, along with building connections have been our main goals…”

The new members include Leigha Skadsem on guitar, Kris Carlson on guitar, and Mike Shedrick on bass.

“They are active in the social aspect [of the band],” said Desch. “They are willing to put in the work that doesn’t get noticed by anyone but the band, so that in long run we will have greater success.”

You can find Head Change on Facebook, ReverbNation, Amazon, iTunes, as well as all your favorite download sites.  If you go to ReverbNation.com you can download their song “Run Scarlet” for free. To purchase their full physical album visit any CD Tradepost.

Their next show is coming up September 24 in Merriam, KS, at the Aftershock Bar and Grill, where they will battle for a position in this year’s Freakers Ball.

“We see Head Change in the future being nothing short of a national band with songs on Rock radio stations, along with music video,” said Robbins about the future of Head Change.