Meeting gives tools to campus leaders

Success Several student organizations met recently as part of the annual Student Organization Success meeting. Organizations such as the Washburn Student Government Association, Phi Alpha Theta and the Campus Activities Board provide valuable services to Washburn students..

School has finally come back full swing and student organizations are preparing with events and activities aplenty.

A handful of them attended the annual Student Organization Success meeting in the Kansas Room on the third floor of the Union to get everything started for the year.

Some of these organizations include: WU Career Services, Washburn Student Government Association, UMAPS, WU Buddy, Phi Alpha Theta, Campus Activities Board, Student Activities & Greek Life and many others, all of which are ready to welcome freshmen and upperclassmen alike.

Career Services is an organization that helps students find jobs or internships that could help for their chosen major.  They also help other student clubs and organizations get into community service.  The associates at Career Services even reward the group that volunteers the most for the community with a Commitment to Careers award.

“Delta Gamma has won it the past 3 years.  We are very excited to see who gets it this year,” said Duane Williams, Career Service specialist.

A lot can go wrong if a student group does not promote itself properly throughout the campus. UMAPS, located inside Morgan, can do everything that is needed to get the word around about any student group.  They can help with graphics, printing cards, photos and much more. They give a 10 percent discount to student organizations on campus.

Along with UMAPS, the WSGA public relations can also help promote student organizations with flyers and by posting information on their message board, located in between Mabee Library and the Memorial Union.

Washburn University receives international students every semester who live on campus, take classes and participate in a variety of groups.  As one could imagine, being a visitor in a different country would be a very difficult thing to do.  WU Buddy is an organization that helps the international students meet other students on campus.  Those looking to help out should contact Anna Frantz at the International House on campus.

History buffs on campus who have taken at least 12 hours of Washburn’s many history courses will find an e-mail inviting them to the Phi Alpha Theta group, a national academic history group at Washburn.  Contact Hannah Thompson for more about what they do at Phi Alpha Theta.

If the stress of homework gets overwhelming, the Campus Activities Board has events to help students relax. They have flyers around campus promoting a number of activities that any student could participate in.  CAB also has what is known as the CAB Crew, which scouts potential members who could join the organization in the future.

SAGL is a program designed to help students get integrated with an assortment of social events and campus activities.  A few of the benefits of participating in SAGL are networking, team building and making lifelong friends.  They will be recruiting at a number of events like Homecoming and Family Day.  Homecoming includes many events such as Top Hat Decorating, the annual Ichabod Race, “Don’t Fear the Mic” night at Mabee Library and Yell Like Hell. 

Living on campus could help save all the time that is wasted circling the parking lot and the stress of being late. Kate McCown, the assistant director of Washburn Residential Living, can usually be found in her office located on the bottom floor of the LLC. She overlooks the housing on campus, which includes the LLC, Kuehne Hall, West Hall and the Washburn Village apartments.

These are only a few of the different groups that a student or potential student can find around campus.  With open eyes, students can find almost any group that might hold their interests.  There are so many organizations that are waiting for just the right person to step through the door. Be that person and get involved on campus today.

For those who missed the meeting, all of the information needed to get the funding can be found at