The Art of Auditioning

Acting. Theatre. Drama. These three words can bring a lot of different feelings to mind. The constant beat of ones racing heart or the nerves working vision to a shaky blur. The exhilaration of transforming into someone else if even for just an hour can be a huge attraction to student performers.

At Washburn, the theatre department is open for everyone who wants to feel that same feeling whether it’s a student’s major or not.

Unlike many personal experiences, shaky hands and dry voices should not be a problem. According to Paul Prece, theatre department chair, most directors have a session called a “cold reading,” which means that a memorized or rehearsed scene is not necessary. Actors, regardless of experiences, will read from a script in different combinations.

Prece suggests that prospective actors should read a script prior to auditioning. Sharon Sullivan, associate professor in the theatre department, also mentioned how directors sometimes have different audition requirementsŃso it’s always a good idea to check with the department before each audition.  Some directors will want auditioning students to bring a memorized and rehearsed monologue and/or song, and then the auditioner will perform their piece and then leave.

Scripts for Washburn’s most current show, “Scapin,” a comedy by Moliere, will be available soon with a deposit from the Theatre Office, Garvey 133.

Students also don’t have to be theatre majors to be a part of productions. The reality is, Washburn students, according to Sullivan, are encouraged by faculty members to join an organization called the Washburn Players, which perform in projects during the year.

The theatre office located in Garvey Fine Arts Center is another place to get information for those interested in learning how to become more involved. The staff also welcomes Washburn Tech students and others who are interested in helping backstage.

Even if helping or participating in one of Washburn’s productions gives a student pause, every production held throughout the year is free for all students to attend. All a student needs is a Washburn ID.

Students shouldn’t let fear influence their decision when trying out, even if they are a freshman or a transfer student. There are fewer better ways to introduce oneself to the Washburn community than out on the stage.

The days to audition are Aug. 28 at 2 p.m. and Aug. 29 at 6 p.m.  Anyone interested in learning more information can contact the theatre department at 670-1639.