Ivy Marcus

Ivy Marcus is a freshman, and adjusting to college life has been a very taxing experience for her at times but she found that she really enjoys it all the same.  She comes from a large family and is the sole daughter of four children (excluding her “new addition” sister-in-law) so growing up around her outgoing brothers has made her a little introverted, in some ways.  Most of her spare time gets spent reading or writing, drawing and listening to music.

She is also very big on good food.  She loves to eat and she loves to go to lots of different places to do it, but her favorite foods are all family recipes.  Her grandmother makes one of the best lemon cakes in the world.  She is hoping to get her Bachelor of Arts in English while she is at Washburn and her focus is on writing.  She is already finding herself challenged by a lot of her assignments and thinks that is a very good sign.  Contact her at [email protected].