Richard Kelly

The fight between my present’s satisfication and the future’s satisfaction: I’ll be fighting this in October. Go to see a beloved band or attend a conference for one of my student organizations.

The band is Anberlin. As I mentioned in a previous post, they are part of what got me into the modern music scene I’m in now. Their song ‘Paperthin Hymn’ sold me on alternative music and 96.5 The Buzz out of Kansas City.

With a chance to see them up close and personal in Wichita, it’s hard to pass up. They’re a huge band now with a major record label deal. They’re also playing with Abandon Kansas who I’ve met and really enjoy as a band.

But there’s a flip side. The Washburn University Campus Activities Board has a conference that weekend which will likely determine our schedule for the remaining school year and even part of next year. Last year, I was hyponotized by one of the acts, able to introduce music star Howie Day to the stage in front of the audience and saw a ton of acts that I was impressed with including Javier Colon and Michelle Buteau, who both were brought to Washburn.

The hard part is who the band is. It’s Anberlin. I love them and they have helped shape who I am. I’m not sure how many times I’ll have to see them. Everyone has that band they’ve connected with for some time. This is mine.

As I continue my see-saw battle, I’ll be reminded that maybe, just maybe, I CAN see Anberlin another time. My CAB conference is once a year. Being an integral part of the organization, I feel obligated to attend.

What would YOU do in my situation? Guess I better decide soon. Both events are quickly approaching.