New coach joins top ranked Lady Blues

Change isn’t easy—whether it involves a new town, a new school or new people; it always requires the very best in a person. Washburn University’s new 2011-12 assistant volleyball coach, Taylor Pohlman, knows this.

Coach Pohlman didn’t begin her career in volleyball at Washburn University. She began it during elementary school.

“I had to choose a sport to play, and regardless of the other sports offered, my first and only choice was volleyball,” said Pohlman. “I’ve always been pretty good at it.”

After continuing to play volleyball all throughout high school, Pohlman was asked to go to a junior college in Tampa, Fla., where she played two seasons. She was recruited to play at Nova Southeastern University soon afterwards, where during her first season, she was injured.

“I dislocated both of my shoulders, had my knees scoped and had a hip reconstruction,” said Pohlman.”After my injury, I knew I wanted to continue working with volleyball.”

After graduation, Pohlman received some exciting news.

“I had actually landed an assistant coaching job at a high school that was affiliated with Nova Southeastern University.”

The head coach of that high school left before the season began, so Pohlman ended up taking over the program as head coach.

“It was truly one of the best experiences I could’ve asked for,” said Pohlman. “My team had our best finish in the program that year, too. They were district runner-ups and regional qualifiers, as well.”

Then, once the girls’ volleyball season was over, Pohlman took over the boys’ volleyball team in the high school.

“We had a winning season, which was better than the previous year’s season,” said Pohlman.

Pohlman then came to Washburn University after her previous coach, the head coach from Nova Southeastern University, received a special phone call from Washburn University’s current head colleyball coach, Chris Herron.

“My head coach from Nova University actually knew coach Herron here at Washburn University,” said Pohlman. “So, when coach Herron called and asked if my head coach knew anyone who would be available to help coach this year as the Lady Blues assistant coach, we went through the whole application process.”

Two months later, Pohlman had landed the job.

“I’m trying to help run the program now and it’s been a very interesting experience,” said Pohlman. “I’m still getting used to a few things, such as the needs of the team, the paperwork, and the time schedules but it’s been a lot of fun so far. I truly love it.”