Students take part in homecoming traditions

Tradition Students practice to prepare for ‘Yell Like Hell’ Oct. 27, 2011 in Lee Arena at 7


Every year, Washburn University dedicates one week to the homecoming candidacy and ceremony, and during that week, a variety of celebratory events take place. Whether it be the top hat decorating contest, the Ichabod Race or the homecoming parade, one event in particular always stands out to the student body—Washburn University’s annual Greek life competition “Yell like Hell.”

Sponsored by the Washburn Student Government Association, the “Yell like Hell” competition is a series of synchronized dances between the members of the greek community.

This year, like the previous years, the fraternities and sororities paired up. One of those pairings is the fraternity Alpha Delta with the sorority Zeta Tau Alpha.

Hunter Showalter, a freshman nursing major from Alpha Delta, believes that every aspect of the competition has been fun so far. With a constant practice regime, Showalter says “Yell like Hell has really been a great experience.”

Margeaux Seymour, a sophomore psychology major from Zeta Tal Alpha, agrees with Showalter.

“The competition is supposed to be a collaboration of creative ideas between the fraternity and sorority,” said Seymour. “I’ve really enjoyed working on those ideas with my group this year.”

Both Showalter and Seymour have been working hard with their combined group practicing in the Fairlawn Mall’s Dance Studio.

Another pairing consist of the fraternity Kappa Sigma and the sorority Delta Gamma, who, like Alpha Delta and Zeta Tal Alpha, have also been hard at work.

Jared Dechant, an undecided freshman from Kappa Sigma, thinks that “Yell like Hell” has been a great experience.

“I’ve really enjoyed being able to get to know the Delta Gamma girls better,” said Dechant.

Bradi Jensen, a sophomore nursing major from Delta Gamma, also agrees with her group partner.

“It’s been a lot of fun getting to know our homecoming partners,” said Jensen. “I hope it all plays off in the end and that everyone has fun.”

Jensen is especially excited to see the other routines.

Don’t expect the competition to be limited to only Washburn University students though—Topeka High School will also be attending. The Cruz Line under the direction of Sal Cruz consist of both junior high and high school students who have performed at “Yell like Hell” every year.

All fraternities and sororities at Washburn University have spent weeks in preparation for the eagerly anticipated competition that they hope will entertain the student body.  “Yell Like Hell” will take place on October 27 in Lee Arena at 7:30 pm.