Ichabod shows true blue school spirit

Grand Unveiling Dr. Farley stands by the new Ichabod mascot during the introduction last week. The mascot replaces the prior one, which had been used since the 1980s.

Ichabod Washburn was the school’s earliest benefactor that saved Washburn, formerly Lincoln College, from financial collapse. Since then, the school was renamed in the honor of the man that has made the college what it is today.

Another tribute to this man is the school’s mascot. The Ichabod has become Washburn’s icon of courage, enthusiasm and knowledge.

This symbol comes alive, as well, when the mascot comes to different events.

Amanda Hughes, assistant director of university relations, directs the mascot program for Washburn.

“The Ichabod travels to many different types of events,” said Hughes. “This includes home sporting events, various schooling events and other community events.”

The most recent event was the Mascot Boot Camp hosted here in Topeka. The school brought in David Raymond, who actually created the new mascot, to talk with the Ichabod, the ESU Hornet and the Independence, Mo hockey team’s Maverick.

“David Raymond came in to talk the mascots about performance in the costume, safety and conditioning,” said Hughes. “Basically, he gave them the tricks of the trade.”

With an exclusive online interview, the Ichabod mascot was able to answer some questions himself.

He mentioned it was extremely important to be friendly and engage with the crowd.

“I want my true Ichabod spirit to show to everyone,” said the Ichabod.

He truly loves interacting with a crowd and watching the games. After all, his favorite parts are getting high fives from the little Ichabod fans.

Finally, the true Ichabod spirit must have the ability to “shake his groove thing.” So what is his favorite dance move?

“My favorite moves are the arm wave and the worm,” said the Ichabod. “But I’m hoping to show some more off at Homecoming’s Yell like Hell.”