Social Justice League fights societal abuse

Fight for Justice Members of the Social Justice League meet in the Henderson Learning Center to fight the evils of child abuse and other social injustices. The sociology/anthropolog department club is dedicated to raising awareness through education.

There is a club on campus for students who want to end bullying in schools and are sickened by the thought of child abuse. The Social Justice League is a student club that meets in Henderson 107 every Wednesday at 4 p.m. to discuss and organize events to help right social injustices.

The club functions as an open forum where students can address concerns they have and to raise awareness and potentially solve it.

“A lot of what we do is education,” said Kelly Andrews, co-president of the SJL and junior in mass media and sociology.

Two events the club does to educate are No Name Calling Week and The Dark Side of Chocolate.

“No Name Calling Week” is an event inspired by the James Howe book “Misfits.” It will be taking place Jan. 23 to 27, 2012. Resa Boydston, Social Justice League secretary and senior in sociology, helped bring the event to Washburn.

“We felt it was a very important issue because of the continuing suicides of victims of bullying, whether they are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual or not, young people are taking their lives, and we feel this is unacceptable,” said Boydston. “No one should be tormented while they are at school. One goes to school to learn, not become a victim.”

Among other events during the week will be a guest speaker named Bob Minor, professor emeritus at the University of Kansas, and the showing of the movie “Cyberbullying.” The purpose of “No Name Calling Week” is to help give people the tools they need to help victims of bullying and help end it altogether.

Another event hosted by the Social Justice League is a viewing of the documentary “The Dark Side of Chocolate.” The film explores how big conglomerate chocolate companies like Hershey’s exploits children to cut costs and make larger profits.

The Social Justice League’s goal is to bring international problems to the local community.

“If you can bring awareness to worthy causes, than each person can change and that enacts a larger change,” said Andrews.

The hope of the groups is that if enough people become more educated and aware of the social injustices in the world that maybe everyone will work together to end the problem permanently.